PROTECH is a Flexi-muscle organization. A team of dedicated professionals and a need based team build up has been the key to success in our endeavor to provide the best of products and services, at all times.

Define a problem for us and we will build a context driven team in no time.

Dr. Ajay Bal


A post graduate medical doctor extensively worked on architecting business solutions for all commercial sectors, in general and healthcare, in specific. Single handedly, he is responsible for creating top of the line software products for Indian and world market. His experience of more than 30 years has made him the pillar of strength for the organization.

He built solutions for Retail, Healthcare, Finance, Manufacturing to name a few while made hundreds of plug-ins (for several platforms) ranging communication pipes to CRM paradigm.

He has unique ability to build a world class development and support team from scratch.

Atul Bal
Managing Director


A keen enthusiast to build dreams and subsequently construct the bridges of udnerstanding in business, entrepreunership and nation building. An IIT Kharagpur graduate with a post graduate degree from IIT Delhi; he has spent more than 26 years in building business from scratch and help it sustain itself in all odd and tough times.

Travelled widely across the world to implement IT projects and built several USPs for the company.

He envisions and architects the business solutions for practically all business sectors. His strong intuitive abilities sustain the organization whereas his sharp intellect leverages market potential, effectively.

Mrs. B. Meenu
Business Manager


A professional medical doctor by profession with a track record of providing business development expertise for over 25 years. She handles business agreements, partnerships, alliances, market development activties and not the least, building brand and image of Protech and its products.

She believes in target and the struggle to achieve it. She is a great motivator for the team.