Protech Systems Private Limited would like to present here an opportunity offered once in a while in any Industry. It is based on identifying this kind of opportunity early on that an Entrepreneur can make or break. We are offering a unique PROTECH Business Associates (BA) scheme globally for the finest ranges of Medical Business Products available in India today. These products are well established and are market leaders commercially but will also set the pace technically for the competition. PROTECH has invested over 25 years in developing these top-of-the line products to cover the Healthcare sector.

We claim to be in possession of India’s No.1 Medical Software Products in PRICE and PERFORMANCE. We have the widest areas covered with modules, which are integrated with Financial Accounting directly. A carefully structured implementation plan ensures that the products are able to deliver result. Their features and prices have been carefully configured to ensure that they are No-1 by a wide margins that we have a success rate of almost 100% wherever there is direct comparison between our software and a competing product.

Pick up a project and share with us its details. We assure you that the best solution at an affordable price will be offered by us and you will build confidence with your client. Detailed study of the project may be carried out jointly or as comfortable by you. Comprehensive proposals will be prepared for your client and depending upon the case, billing will be done in yours or client’s name. We are keen to pick up projects with following add ons:
Information Technology
    • IT Planning and Audits
    • IT Implementation Consulting
    • Co-Managed Services
    • Bar Coding
    • Thin Client Enablement
    • Wired/Wireless
    • Mobile / PDA’s,
    • Smart Card Enablement
    • SMS / MMS Integration
    • Biometrics

We have range of services to offer for not only healthcare but any other sectors in following field:
    • Software Design and Development
    • Software Re-engineering
    • Systems Integration
    • MIS / DSS design and development
    • Knowledge Management
    • Internet Consulting Services
    • Portal Creation / E-Commerce Solutions
    • E-Business / B2B / B2C / P2P / B2G / G2G
    • Communications and Networks

PROTECH business model is built around PIB (Partner-in-Marketing) & BA (Business Associates) so that most of the Sale of its Healthcare products will be done through association with the BA. We wish to appoint PROTECH BAs in various Regions/Cities. PROTECH then will put all its efforts to increase the Revenue of its BA. In brief, PROTECH will contribute in the following activities to ensure business revenue flow to BA from day-1 without any gestation period.
  • Train BA personnel in basic Medical Software
  • Mount Ad campaigns to create brands awareness.
  • Help Generate queries
  • Product Demonstration and prevention on behalf of Bas
  • Close the deal for BAs PROTECH will also do the following:
  • Prove Marketability of the Products
  • Develop visibility of the Product in the BAs Area.

PROTECH will designate an Executive who shall provide close on-site Marketing support to BAs.

  • Promote the products activity in its region by using contacts, Mails and other means of marketing.
  • BA will NOT deal in any other competing Product of similar nature, as Products of PROTECH.
  • BA in association with PROTECH shall prepare a working annual plan for the region. 
  • Set a mutually agreed target for sales with PROTECH and commit the company to achieve it.
  • Liaise and take help from PROTECH executives to close sales E.g. visits by senior persons to accompany PROTECH executives whenever needed, Local contacts and other referential.

  • PROTECH will not take any upfront deposits and financial commitments from its BA while appointing them.
  • For customer orders, PROTECH will deliver a copy of the Product within a specified time after receiving due payments.
  • Under this arrangement a BA is free to sell PROTECH’s products, anywhere in India. Reciprocally PROTECH does not give sole selling right to any BA for any territory.
  • All software, offered under this agreement, is proprietary articles and intellectual property of PROTECH SYSTEMS PVT LTD and hence any unauthorized reproduction of these software’s or manuals etc., thereof, is a criminal offence, punishable under copyright law.
  • PROTECH reserves the right to revise the prices of any of its software at any time. ? All payments to PROTECH will be made thought bank draft payable at New Delhi or by online transfer.
  • At present, Service Tax is applicable on software which will be charged at actuals and currently it is 12.36% of invoice value. But in future if any such tax levied, than that would be charged for separately under all commercial arrangements. In that case, Commissions would be on list price exclusive of taxes.
  • A BA would furnish a statement of account of PROTECH on a Quarterly Basis and would take into consideration any discrepancies due to the reconciliation.
  • PROTECH reserves of the right to terminate the relationship anytime without recourse if the BA fails to meet any of the commitment on achievement and infrastructure support as mentioned in this proposal.
  • PROTECH will provide all product brochures to BA on coast basis.

1. MARKETING OPPORTUNITIES PROTECH will devise and launch different Marketing schemes to market the products. The nature of these schemes will depend on the market conditions, competition and the business plan of the company.
The query generation for our BAs would take place from the following various routes:
  1. National campaigns launched by PROTECH
  2. Road show/ Seminars organized by PROTECH
  3. Web Marketing campaigns organized by PROTECH
  4. Direct Marketing of BA
  5. Local ad Campaign of BA
  6. Participation in local exhibitions.
PROTECH will also take advantage of participating in Road show / Seminars being held by CII, NASSCOM, CSI etc. We will try and organize these in the regions of various BAs who feel they can benefit from such exposure

2. SALES TARGETS Since sale potential in different areas is different. The targets/Commissions are set accordingly so that they remain realistic. They are also dependent on the type of marketing schemes launched. They would be mutually decided for each BA taking into consideration the region, its potential and the marketing schemes.

3. BA INVESTMENTS PROTECH will not take any upfront commitment advance from its BA’s either as a performance guarantee or as deposit.

4. IMPLEMENTATION & CUSTOMISATION SUPPORT The responsibility of implementing the product lies with the BA. The responsibility of customization of the product lies with PROTECH or BA as the case desires.

1. REVENUE STREAMS FOR BA Given below is the revenue sharing on the marketing Scheme where the product sale is made through a query of a BA at the standard list price under the standard sale plan for direct selling.

S. No.







Product Sale Commission



Implementation charges & support for 1 year



Post-implementation Customization Charges






Per visit charge or ad-hoc operational support and training charges.


2. QUERY QUALIFYING PROCEDURE The sales commission to a BA is given based on the qualified query that he submits to PROTECH which results in a closure. There will be a query Form submitted by BA to PROTECH for every query results generated. PROTECH will qualify this query by the following procedure:
  1. Visit client site with BA to meet the top management.
  2. Satisfy with the access of BA to the top management/User Departmental Heads of Clients.
  3. Satisfy with the BA capability of influencing the decision.
  4. Satisfy the immediate needs of the client for our Products.
  5. On satisfaction of this, PROTECH will give a “Qualified Lead” letter to BA. This will entitle him to the Sales Commission on the Product amount for the Sale made to the Clint within next six months of receiving this latter. The BAs will be entitled to Sales commission only against “Qualified Lead” letters.
3. DISCOUNT ON SALE From a case-to-case basis, PROTECH may have to offer certain discounts to large hospitals /multiple order clients etc. In that case PROTECH shall offer the same commission structure as mentioned to the BA’s albeit on the final negotiation/discounted price.

For example if the list price Rs.11Lakhs then the commission of the BA would be 30% i.e. Rs. 3.3 Lakh. However, if a discount of Rs. 1 Lakhs is offered (the final order value is Rs. 10 Lakhs) then the commission of the BA would be 30% of Rs 10 lakhs i.e. Rs 3 lakhs.

This is an internal price sheet for PROTECH and its Business Partners. These prices are for Clint Server Application within a single premise. For remote location connected by leased lines, VSAT and web- there will be a different pricing model.
All prices are for a single hospital/clinic order. Every group hospital will be treated as a separate transaction for pricing purposes.

The prices would be flexible. We should not quote a fixed price and this sheet should not be given to any customer in its present from. Depending on the Customer we should maximize the returns and quote accordingly.
No pricing should be quoted on the phone. Only after meeting the Client and judging the environment and requirement. Also all verbal discussion on Prices should be qualified by saying that the pricing is modular and varies depending on the modules and facilities asked for. Never Quotes a standard prices but structures it for every deal. What is given below are the ballpark figures only.

To qualify as a BA for PROTECH range of products and services, we would expect the following:
  1. BA must have an established business of at least 3 years of existence.
  2. BA must have at least 2 marketing/sales/support professionals available for PROTECH range of products and services.
  3. Office should be located at a location which is easily accessible by public transport.
  4. BA should be financially sound.
  5. BA should be in a position to provide us a brief vision for the region, he would represent while applying.
  6. BA should be registered to charge Service Tax from the clients.
  7. BA should have PAN.
  8. BA must have at least one experienced IT professional in their team.

BA: Once, you are sure that there is a great mutual business opportunity for both of us then immediately click on the link below to download the BA-Application Form.

Please complete it fully, stamp and sign it and send it by email to:

Please ensure following self-attested documents are attached with this email:
  1. Company Registration Certificate or Registered Partnership Deed or an affidavit of Proprietorship
  2. IT returns copy of last two years
  3. PAN copy of the Business Contact
  4. Bank Details mentioning Bank Name, Branch Name, Branch Address, Account Type, Account No., IFSC code of the Branch
  5. Photograph of the Business Contact
  6. One page write-up on business plan / vision for the market/region After receiving the filled, stamped and signed application along with a copy of the above self-attested documents, we will respond back to you within 7 working days with a copy of agreement.

Happy partnering!

Fill in This Form and mail it to to apply for the limited time partnership.