Tired of messy paperwork & record maintenance with your pediatric practice? We understand! That’s why we put our heads together to bring you a spanking new way to organize your work & streamline your record keeping. The PROGENY 2000!

With advanced patient management features built around an easy to understand interface, Progeny 2000 takes away the complexities of working with a computerized system & lays an whole world of efficiency, at your feet. Supported features cover every aspect of child care & patient interaction, from the patient that enters your care for the first time through repeat visits & referrals.

Progeny 2000 comes with a whole host of easy to access features. A sneak preview:

Drugs lists & vaccination schedules


Progeny 2000 comes with a detailed database of existing drugs & recommended dosages. (Customize the list to include your preferred brands & dosages, & let Progeny 2000 automatically generates a relevant prescription!) Progeny 2000 also automatically generates date specific vaccination schedules once the patient details are entered, & lets you maintain extensive listings of expiry dates of vaccine batches in stock.

Automatic billing facility


Progeny 2000 saves you the bother of remembering billings & vaccination charges. Set billings parameters once & Progeny 2000 worry about repeat visits & see charges reflected at the front office terminal as soon as the patient steps out of your office!

Analyze your turnover


See Progeny 2000 automatically collate statistics on the number of patients who have visited you within a specific time period. Collate your billing turnover over specific periods & analyze statistics on how many new patient visits you’ve had, on a month-by-month basis!

Baby books & growth charts


Progeny 2000 not only lets you compare growth histories for a specific child against international growth & development standards (in statistical & graphical form); it lets you compile the growth history &important milestones into a baby book!

Referral listings


No more looking up your records for referral details:

Progeny 2000 lets you keep an extensive & cross-referenced list of referrals for specialists & investigations at your fingertips. (Customize the list to have instant access to categorized listings of your referral  & labs!) Transferring the investigation list report to the Progeny 2000 system allows you to compare the results of various investigations side by side.

Patient records


Designed to work around a familiar patient folder-type organization of records, Progeny 2000 lets you store you all your patient related information without the clutter & the groping. Maintain a comprehensive case history, prescription details, referral history & growth details for each patient in one easy access folder that’s just one mouse click away!

Prescriptions  & medical certificates


Progeny 2000 comes with built- in prescription & medical certificate formats all customizable to your prescription blank & printer! You’ll never have top request the patient to come with their previous prescription again because Progeny 2000 saves all prescription records in the patient’s folder.

Appointment manager


Use this feature to schedule visits in coordination with vaccination & treatment schedules. Progeny 2000 allows simultaneous management of appointments & visits from the reception & the doctor’s terminal, & takes the hassle out of vaccination reminders & repeat visits. And what’s more - access from more than one terminal means the front office can look after the routine tasks of setting up new patient records & entering the basic details for each patient as they come in!

And just to make life easier, Progeny 2000 comes bundled with a calculator, a conversion scale (weight & height, kilos/pounds & inches/centimeters), and a calendar a spell checker & a phone dialer. The icing on the cake? A customizable TO DO list that pops up with your notes on the day’s schedule, when you turn on the system each morning! Make entries for daily, weekly or annual tasks & events, all within the Progeny 2000 system!

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