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To meet various IT challenges that clients face in the areas of IT in Healthcare, eBusiness and IT application development, Protech offers a range of services to meet such requirements:


We design and develop data driven, responsive, robust, feature enriched, cost effective, search engine friendly & easy-to-use websites. Integration of website with social media to help users engage with you online.

We have e-commerce process helps increase conversion rates. Our e-commerce content management system gives you full control. Your customers can shop online 24/7 with a credit card enabled e-commerce shopping cart.

Protech has a record of successful implementations of many Web Design Solutions for its clients across various sectors.


We have experience of working for both the niche vertical markets and various industry verticals.
      • Static pages to complex dynamic portals
      • Animations to dynamic media-rich Flashed-sites
      • Portal redesign and re-engineering

We can help you to establish a powerful online presence with tools for business promotion and display of products and services in a captivating format.


Websites are migrating from plain images and text towards a more innovative medium. Macromedia Flash Designers have changed the way websites were built. Now it is possible to add voice, video, music, animations, even movies into websites. Interactivity is the buzz word today.

We can help you:
Full-blown media rich, dynamic Flash websites
Provide an effective online tool for business promotion
Display your products and services in a captivating format

Secured development of interactive, integrated and personalized e-commerce solutions for B2B / B2C / P2P / B2G / G2G using conventionl web technologies and multimedia top-ups. We conceptualize, construct, handhold to implement and manage services for web / e-commerce sites / portals. This would also mean to incorporate web-based application development and integration with backend databases and transactional systems for distributed and multi-application platforms.

We have technical expertise in IIS, MTS, ASP, Java Server, J2EE, JDBC, JSP, EJB, CORBA, Java Servlets and .Net.


  • Applications, Communication Networks and integration of diverse portfolio of works.
  • Mobile computing, Biometrics, HL7 interfacing for seamless integration.


  • Automated and improved business processes associated with sales, marketing, customer service and support. 
  • eCRM applications including Call Centers, Front Office Systems, Data Mining, Data Warehousing Tools, Service Centers and Helpdesks. 
  • Fusion of eCommerce and eCRM. 
  • Unassisted B2B and B2C eCommerce over the web.
  • Technology Expertise: Siebel, Vantive.


  • Content Generation in WML/WML script for WAP service. 
  • Application Development to link content providers to Artech India network. 
  • Bearer application generation and development of interface application. 
  • Conversion of HTML applications to WML applications.


  • Product/Application Development.
  • Bug Fixing. 
  • Enhancements. 
  • Software Integration. 
  • Core Technology Upgrades. 
  • Data Migration.
  • Quality Assurance/Testing.


  • Legacy Based applications to Web-enabled applications.
  • UNIX to Windows.
  • Migration across different RDBMS.


  • Test scenarios.
  • Test automation.
  • QA & testing services. 
  • Release engineering. 
  • Configuration management.